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Coffee With Mike

Sep 17, 2018

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    • Parish Men’s Retreat: Be Not Anxious!  Living in the Peace of Christ.
      September 21 – 23
      We live in times of anxiety.  “Things fall apart,” wrote the poet William Butler Yeats.  “The center cannot hold.”  Or so it seems.  A recent newspaper headline shouted: “It’s not just you; we’re all living in the United States of Anxiety.”  Indeed, we live in a social, political, and religious climate that is all too frequently angry, polarized, and fragmented. A tough time to be an authentic Christian! But one brimming with opportunities.
    • Catholic Answers National Conference September 27-30, 2018
      Faith and Science
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    Meal Prayer #1
    A five year old said grace at family dinner one night. “Dear God, thank you for these pancakes.”  When he concluded, his parents asked him why he thanked God for pancakes when they were having chicken.  He smiled and said, “I thought I’d see if He was paying attention tonight.”
     - Our Mouths were Filled with Laughter
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