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Coffee With Mike

Mar 28, 2023

Coffee With Mike, Episode 100


March 27, 2023


·       Welcome

·       Miscellaneous


o   Upcoming Cursillos #690 and #691
Dates for men 04/20-23, 2023
Dates for women 05/04-07, 2023

·       Faith Stuff

o   Need a favor by Jelly Roll

o   Deacon Dan’s Homily
Separating the body and the soul

o   The Catholic Gentleman Podcast

o   God’s Name / Size
Built For Greatness: 81 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Power For Purposeful Living: The Christian Edition of the Tao Te Ching by Keith Hoang and Archbishop Sylvain Lavoie

o   Meditation on Micah 6:8

·       Feedback

o   Mary Jean
Why a Catholic Funeral? by Fr. Michael Cummins
Landings International

·       Humor

o   Deep Contemplative Prayer
 - Our Mouths were Filled with Laughter (a Religious Joke Book Compiled by Jesse Romero, M.A.)

·       Wrap-up