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Coffee With Mike

Dec 30, 2014

Coffee With Mike, Episode 031


December 29, 2014


·         Welcome

o   Welcome

o   Last episode was in September

o   HAM Radio

o   Bob is coming to visit

o   The Santiago Way podcast

o   George

o   New Years Eve

·         Feedback

o   From Curtis



Sep 17, 2014

The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary in a Scriptural Rosary format.

Sep 16, 2014

Coffee With Mike, Episode 030


September 15, 2014 - Ponderings


·         Welcome

o   Iron is sharpened by iron; one person sharpens another or As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

o   That is Gods Milk

o   Inbox 0, its like trying to lose weight.


Aug 5, 2014

Coffee With Mike, Episode 029


August 4, 2014


·         Welcome

o   Finished my Linux class

o   Went to the OC Fair

o   Wednesday, Aug 6, is the Knights of Columbus installation of officers

o   Novenas

§  A novena is a nine-day period of private or public prayer to obtain special graces, to implore special...

Jul 29, 2014

July 28, 2014 

·         Welcome

o   Our 29th Anniversary

o   Faith and Film Ministry

o   Pre Cana / Teaching Engaged Couples about Marriage

o   The Catholics Next Door Podcast

·         Faith Stuff

o   El Camino de Santiago / The Way of St. James

·         Book Report

o   The Way starring Martin Sheen and...