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Coffee With Mike

Mar 17, 2014

Coffee With Mike Episode 019, Youth


March 16, 2014


·         David Calavittas Blog, Hold Fast Hope

o   Why Youth Ministry?

·         Book Reports

o   Atheist to Catholic, Stories of Conversion

o   Entertaining Angels:  The Dorothy Day Story

·         Prayer Requests

o   Roger requested prayers for his...

Mar 11, 2014

Coffee With Mike Episode 018


March 10, 2014


·         Tea instead of Coffee

·         Your host is both an idiot and a baby

·         The tenants of Lent

·         Catholic Relief Services

o   Operation Rice Bowl App


·         Son of God...

Mar 4, 2014

Coffee With Mike Episode 017, Authority


March 3, 2014


·         Catholic Vitamins Podcast


o   Vitamin P,...